We obviously have a biased opinion of our services, but at the end of the day you need to know that we can deliver. Here’s what a jury of your peers are saying about Pantelides PR, and frankly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

“Media training with Emily…was a real eye-opener and quite an education. I thought Emily was excellent. She was knowledgeable, practical, and very effective.”

“Take it from me, the next number you dial needs to be to Emily. When I was starting my business, The Highline Company (check us out, we’re awesome) sadly I didn’t have an unlimited budget, so paying a PR firm seemed like a gamble. Now I realize I couldn’t have afforded NOT to hire Pantelides PR. Emily and her team made the difference between starting out and fighting tooth and nail for every Facebook Like, scouring the bottom of the internet to tell someone, anyone, who we are; verses starting out with a bang, right here in my community. The network Emily opened me up to, I couldn’t have paid for. She carefully crafted press releases, not just any releases, but sincere, interest generating notifications that were sure to capture the attention of the local media. She didn’t stop there. Thank goodness! She coached me through talking about my business with confidence. Held my hand through some serious media coaching, and left me in a place where I could talk to anyone about the work I am doing with poise and conviction. Emily taught me to set my sights higher than I ever thought possible and she’s got the results to back it up. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. This is the best decision you can make for yourself and your business.”

Emily Pantelides and Pantelides PR & Consulting are brilliant…They understand PR and branding better than anyone we have ever dealt with in our 30 years of business and brand building. They have coordinated all the media and PR for The new Perfect Vodka amphitheater and Perfect Vodka has become the talk of the town overnight! That’s the power of good PR. They understand the client, the vision and the goal and most importantly they get results.

Emily has been able to focus on getting national lecture for Bafitis Plastic Surgery and bring attention to where nobody ever has before. We have had an influx of clients thanks to Emily.

When most people think of an internship they think running to get the boss coffee or doing busy work. Emily has given me hands on experience with conference calls, social media updates, meeting the clients, and the list goes on. Emily has been a role model for me because of her energy and drive when it comes to her clients going above and beyond amazing PR.