Manners, yes. Stuffiness, no.

CEO Training is the latest and greatest tool that you must have. Etiquette and leadership communication are lost arts. Perhaps your business has taken off and you’ve found yourself wading in waters and venues where you aren’t entirely comfortable. Take a deep breath, we’ve got you covered. We are partners with FPL and other large corporations helping train and coach future leaders. We teach the bygone technique of navigating formal situations. All you need to do is show up and be prepared to learn everything from which fork to use during each course, to standing up when a lady enters the room, to the polite way of eating French Onion Soup (bet you didn’t know there even was a polite way of eating French Onion Soup.)

We can’t stop there. It’s simply not enough to have manners. Our CEO Training also includes instruction in the new ways to navigate social media, interviewing skills and setting one’s self apart during any type of conversation. Zoom interviews have become a major part of the training and hearing our tips on lighting and camera positioning will stay with you the rest of your life (or at least that’s what we hear). Many CEO’s have reported higher confidence and a renewed sense of ease in social and work situations after this training.

But don’t take it from us-here are quotes given to us from some of our recent CEO Training sessions:

“There was excellent feedback. Much like last year, most attendees remarked this was the session they did not know they needed.” FPL

“I had no idea that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. This session was a wealth of information” Ann Gordon, Certified Relationship Coach

“I feel much more confident public speaking after our session” Brad Hurlburt, Community Foundation