You can talk, but if nobody hears you what’s the point?

Welcome to the meat and potatoes of Pantelides PR. We’re pulling back the curtain on vague PR buzzwords and hazy deadlines. We believe in transparency and an overabundance of communication with our clients. Other PR firms send boiler-plated press releases through generic channels, and yes, that’s their job, but this is YOUR business. Put your foot down and work with someone who connects with local and national media players on a personal level. Someone who can make a phone call, not just a press release although we do those too! We tailor our services for each and every individual client, saving you time and money. We’re talking some serious bang for your buck.

Our artillery is comprised of an arsenal of rare implements including:

Calculated and tactical public relations

The bread and butter of PR, your message is too important to get lost in the shuffle. We carefully craft a plan tailored to make sure you get the right exposure at the right time. We MAKE the stars align, thrusting you into the limelight at just the right time. We believe that you get to choose how to tell your story and it’s our job to make sure that everyone hears.